The art of knowing how to make by hand luxury perfumed candles and aromatic elements for the home capable of transmitting sensations.

since 1899

A tradition that is still alive, keeping the original methods, doing things by hand, without hurry, one by one and in this way create unique pieces.

More than 100 years ago an illusion began that has passed from generation to generation and that is more alive than ever. We are a family that loves their work, doing everything with the same love and wisdom that gives us a centennial tradition.

Unique fragrances
of original recipes

Creations inspired by our land, bathed by unique aromas of the mountains and caressed by the Mediterranean breeze. At Cerería Mollá, we work to transmit emotions that make you feel, just as we feel when we create them.

Premium Scented Candle Collections



Our Boutique collection consists of a complete range of decorative elements for the home; luxury scented candles, air fresheners for the house with rattan rods, air freshener refills, etc ...


Gold Edition

Our Gold Edition collection is created to satisfy the most demanding, a true luxury. It consists of premium candles and decorative elements bathed in three exclusive aromas: Bois de Santal Imperial, Tobacco & Amber and Ginger & Orange blossom.

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Manufacturers of aromatic candle makers and custom made since 1899, maintaining centennial processes that have passed from generation to generation. A tradition that remains more alive than ever, ensuring an exquisite production and unsurpassed quality.