Emotions, that's what we feel when we imagine each of our creations. Passion, enthusiasm and care are ingredients that we put to get an honest product, working in an artisan way, respecting the processes, without haste, ensuring an excellent quality.

Since 1899

More than 100 years ago an illusion began that has passed from generation to generation and that is more alive than ever. We are a family that loves their work, doing everything with the same love and wisdom that gives us our knowledge in the art of doing things by hand.


We continue to preserve a way of doing things by hand, maintaining many of the inherited processes that ensure exquisite production and unsurpassed quality.

Vision of the Future

If experience has taught us anything, it is that you have to be in constant evolution and that is what we put into practice every day. Optimizing our production processes to offer an excellent service to more than 40 countries.

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Manufacturers of aromatic candle makers and custom made since 1899, maintaining centennial processes that have passed from generation to generation. A tradition that remains more alive than ever, ensuring an exquisite production and unsurpassed quality.