and tradition

Our handmade candles and range of products are the result of combining the best raw materials such as: soya wax, cotton wick and the most exclusive fragrances with the know-how and the original formulas inherited generation after generation by the Mollá family from the year 1899.

Range of products

At Cerería Mollá we are constantly evolving creating new products and fragrances to meet the needs of the market.

Scented Candle

Scented candles made of vegetable wax and cotton wick. Small, medium size and with double wick.

Mikado Air Fresheners

Range of mikado air fresheners for the home with rattan rods and spare parts. Available in various formats.

Large Format

Range of luxury scented candles and mikado air fresheners of great format with top quality finishes and unique aromas. Available in various sizes.

Scented soap

Range of luxury perfumed soaps.

Home Spray

Range of luxury spray nozzles for the home with exclusive fragrances.

Gift Set

Collection of gift boxes with various sizes and contents available.

Candles Events

Collection of decorative candles and candles for events. hollow, for outdoor, solid, candles, square, glass, pillar, liquid wax, floating candles, wicks ...


Collection of candles for citronella outdoor insect repellents. Available in anti mosquito candles, terracotta candles, tea light candles, liquid paraffin, wax torches.


Scented tablets with various aromas available.

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Manufacturers of aromatic candle makers and custom made since 1899, maintaining centennial processes that have passed from generation to generation. A tradition that remains more alive than ever, ensuring an exquisite production and unsurpassed quality.