How to decorate an apartment on the beach with candles

How to decorate an apartment on the beach with candles

Materials, furniture, colours, distribution, fragances… there are great ideas to decorate a holiday home: comfortable, fresh, beautiful and easy to maintain. But the special touch is given by the candles and Cereria Molla Collections.

Candles in architecture studios in Mallorca

We all have candles at home. We like to light them in the evening while reading, during dinner or to enjoy a relaxing bath by candlelight. The flicker of the flame relaxes. Do you know how to create a beautiful composition in your house in Mallorca?

On web pages like this you can find many Majorcan Interior Architects and designers with experience in this matter.

What is the purpose of a vacation home?

Rest in it. So, as a fundamental basis, an apartment on the beach must be comfortable. Very comfortable. And the decoration has a lot to say about it. The first thing is to enjoy a suitable distribution for the family, in which each one has their own space. Special attention should be paid to the common areas, which are going to be used so much, from the well-decorated garden or terrace to the living room and dining room. The most advisable thing is to have a good team of interior designers and architects, who provide a fluid distribution that enhances socialization, who carry out their work so that the vacation homes constitute the perfect place to throw down partitions and open the kitchen to the living room.

Furnish with Candles

To furnish the flat on the beach, you have to look for simple, versatile and multipurpose pieces that adapt to visits, comings and goings of friends, etc. Sign up for the bunk beds, sofa-bed seats, extendable tables… So that, without major changes, the house adapted to different circumstances. Then give the points of warmth with candles that express what you want to feel.

And, if we are talking about easy comfort and rest, it is essential to choose resistant materials and cleaning and maintenance. Once a good foundation has been laid, the decoration must be inspiring, relaxing, fresh and simple. How to get it? Following these simple keys.

Light tones with sweet candles

Light tones, the fundamental mantra of any good beach decoration manual. They put freshness, visual and real. You can move in a wide range of creams, sands, stones… and whites. Because there are many whites and they are always perfect. If you opt for a set that is only white and nuanced with the materials of some pieces – wood, natural fiber, etc. – it is very powerful and successful. In addition, you can combine it with Bois de Santal Imperial candles. But we suggest you introduce other contrasting tones. Always helpful and never goes out of style, the classic navy style, the lifelong sailor look, which replicates the colors of the beach par excellence with the white and blue game: light, sea and sky. Red and white, also very refreshing, or starting with cream and drifting towards a warm range of earthy and ocher colours.

Natural materials match Amber & Sandalwood candles

Natural, with light tones and, above all, resistant and easy to maintain. Light wood, fibers such as mesh, wicker, rattan or jute always provide freshness, they are cheap and aesthetic materials that combine perfectly with the line sought in a house on the beach. In addition, they combine very well with mikado air fresheners. They put that sailor point and colonial style with which you will be right and, in addition, it is a classic that does not go out of style. As for textiles, the same premise applies: natural. Canvas, cotton, linen… Avoid synthetic fabrics that give off heat as soon as you see them.

Marine style with Mediterranean Blue sails

The minimalist norm that less is more must not be lost sight of in summer houses: few things and functional. But some other adornment adds personality to the environments. They are perfect for touches of marine or nautical inspiration, shells, boat paintings, etc. A nod to the place where you spend your holidays, an evocation of the freshness of the sea and its great beauty. Also, as a tribute to the region in which the house is located, introduce some typical element of the area; local crafts are always a safe value with soul and character.