Production of unique perfumes

Creations inspired by our land, bathed by unique aromas of the mountains and caressed by the Mediterranean breeze.

Original recipes

Fragrances made with natural ingredients of our land, respecting the original recipes that have passed from generation to generation giving fruit to a range of unique aromas capable of evoking emotions.

Bergamotto di Calabria

Warm Mysore Sandalwood combined withthe vigorous freshness of Bergamotto diCalabria lends nuances of Cardamomand Lemon that transport you to thisMediterranean Island.

Provence Lavender

Fields of Lavender of Provence in harmonious mixture with the freshness of Lemongrass. The Lavender known as the «Blue Gold» evokes Nature with green and citrus touches of Lemongrass.

French Linen

Fragrance of «Comfort» with touches of citrus fruit in its output and a heart of Lilies, Peonies and Flowers of freshly cut Fressia.

Raspberry & Black Vanilla

Sweet combination of Madagascar Vanilla from the valuable black fruit with a heart of wild Raspberry.

Tea & Lemongrass

Fragrance with «Green and Aromatic» character. Lemon-grass or «Lemongrass» from the West Indies provides a lively atmosphere, with the perfect combination of Tea we get the serenity of the environment.

Amber & Sandalwood

Spicy aromatic essence with fresh citrus leaves accompanied by persistent sandalwood and a musk with its sweet musky smell and a light touch of woods, perfect to sweeten all the environments of your home.

Basil & Mandarin

Fragrance that provides an initial energetic chord mix of the citrus notes of Lemon, Lima and Tangerine, accompanied by a predominant floral aroma of Ivy and white Jasmine, with a seductive finish thanks to its woody oriental notes.

Tuberose & Jasmine

Exquisite fragrance Fresh with green notes and powerful floral heart, where the Azahar, the Jasmine and the Narcissus will remind us of the floral courtyards of Andalusia.

Velvet Wood

Explosive combination of spicy and aromatic chords where the spices merge with lavender to achieve an extreme and deep mix. Tobacco adds masculinity to the composition. The vanilla softens the tobacco tones at the base and adds a comfortable and comfortable look to the fragrance.

Mediterranean Blue

Perfume bathed in white flowers and citrus drops, sprinkled with the invigorating smell of the Mediterranean Sea. Stimulating and elegant contrast.

Verbena di Sicilia

Subtle, delicate, generous and spontaneous fragrance that evokes the life in the open air, the sea, the sun and the soft caress of the breeze of the Sicilian coasts.

Black Orchid & Lily

Complex fragrance that captivates with its green notes and its fruits full of naturalness. A spicy combination with a base composed of musk and woody notes has just given an elegant touch to the fragrance.

Bulgarian Rose & Oud

Fragrance of sweet floral aroma. The darker rose of Damascus, rich and velvety, is wrapped in smoked Oud wood.

Bois de Santal Imperial

The vibrant spicy notes open the composition that follows with the mystical notes of patchouli mixed with musk. A sensual background the creaminess of the sweet vanilla is felt.

Tobacco & Amber

Oriental-inspired fragrance of exotic ginger and tobacco from India, combined with the citrus notes and chords of the velvety lavender.

Ginger & Orange Blossom

With sparkling and cheerful, the citrus notes are mixed with the sensuality of a bouquet of white flowers and the elegance of the noble woods.

Moroccan Cedar

Addictive and captivating fragrance of spicy, woody and sweet mixtures that make it unique.

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