We are Manufacturers

In Cereria Molla we are manufacturers, we customize all kinds of models of candles or perfumed candles, soaps, diffusers of mikado aromas, etc.

We offer the possibility of customizing scented candles with a complete product design and development service that includes:

Choice of glasses and containers, choice of glass color and screen or labels, choice of fragrances (we have a permanent stock of about 80 different), choice of lid for the glasses: wood, metal ... Choice of boxes, these can be cardboard or even rigid, we also have the possibility of cellophane the products.

Cerería Mollá 1899 manufactures personalized candles from small quantities (a minimum of 100 candles) for private events, spas, hotels ... to large quantities for companies in the cosmetic sector, perfumery, corporate gifts and large buyers.

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Manufacturers of aromatic candle makers and custom made since 1899, maintaining centennial processes that have passed from generation to generation. A tradition that remains more alive than ever, ensuring an exquisite production and unsurpassed quality.